Autumn Mini-Split Heat Pump Tune-up and Preventative Maintenance

Autumn Mini-Split Heat Pump Tune-up and Preventative Maintenance

Autumn Mini-Split Heat Pump Tune-up and Preventative Maintenance


Autumn Mini-Split Heat Pump Tune-up and Preventative Maintenance

Fall always signals the start of the heating season in Everett, WA. Mini-split heat pump tune-up and preventative maintenance in the autumn can keep you comfortable all winter long, boost energy efficiency for the colder months, and safeguard the investment in your heating and air conditioning unit.

How do you go about this particular seasonal service? Let us explain:

Expert Mini-Split Service

Mini-split ductless air conditioners and heat pumps are high-tech, noise-free solutions for indoor climate control. Use an HVAC expert who focuses on ductless system installation and maintenance for the finest and most precise results. Here are some of the most fundamental tasks carried out by your ductless expert:

  • The heat-exchange coils within and outside the building must have unrestricted access to air if the heat pump is to function. The AHU’s air filter is taken out and cleaned regularly. The airflow through the exterior cabinet is examined.
  • To reduce the likelihood of mold and mildew formation, the coils are given a thorough cleaning. You must keep the coils clean to get the most out of your HVAC system’s heating and cooling systems.
  • Leakage is checked in the refrigerant system’s lines, coils, and flare connections.
  • Water leaks and damage can be avoided if proper drainage is maintained. Nothing beats a good drain line flushing and treatment to prevent mold and algae formation.
  • Wear is checked out in the wiring and electrical connections. During the heating season, ice can accumulate on the outside coil if the wiring and electronics are subpar (cooling months).
  • High-performance ductless micro splits employ digital inverter-driven compressors, electronic expansion valves (EEV), and sophisticated sensors to prepare, regulate, and monitor the superheating of high-efficiency refrigerants. 
  • This equipment requires the expertise of a certified technician for inspection and testing.

Advice for Homeowners: Get in the habit of monthly filter cleaning. 

Reduced efficiency due to blocked heat flow and higher energy costs result from a filthy filter. 

Leaves, ice, and snow can impede ventilation, so check the outside cabinet regularly (depending on your regional weather).

Cascade Energy Services Is Your Expert Heat Pump Solution

At Cascade Energy Services, we are the experts in Everett for Mini-split heat pump preventative maintenance. We have been in business for years and have installed thousands of heat pumps in the Northwest. We offer a variety of heat pump solutions, including ductless mini-splits, geothermal, and air-source systems. Call us today to schedule a consultation, and let us show you how we can help you save money and energy with our expert heat pump solutions.

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